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Johanna Modak

writer, educator, nutritional therapy practitioner, & mom

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About Me

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I am a writer, educator, nutritional therapy practitioner, and mom.

The driving force behind my work is a desire to increase investment in women across various industries.

I work with companies in femtech, nutrition, and women’s health to promote their products, drive engagement, and bring valuable education to their customers and communities.

Additionally, because women’s sports receive just a fraction (about 10%) of all sports coverage, I use my writing to promote fan engagement for women’s sports with a focus on the NWSL and USWNT.

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Women’s Sports

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*These articles were originally written for the ShePlays app, a women’s fantasy sports community. The business has since folded due to lack of funding. Support women!

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My Story

Diagnosis: Patriarchy, My history with chronic pain

"It’s my first Pap Smear. My doctor is a young, mesmerizing blonde woman. Not many people have seen my vagina, and I spend most of the time weighing whether I’m glad she’s beautiful because it makes me like her or if it’s scaring me because she probably has a more beautiful vagina. I tell her about my pain and, willing to do pretty much whatever she says, I am convinced to try a birth control pill called Aviane."